Binder Comb

Comb for paper binding machine. Sale of Fellowes and Renz paper binder.

Tel: (852) 2169-3698 
WhatsApp (852) 2169-3698

Binding Wiring Comb 14mm 120pieces for Fellowes FW5622501 Galaxy E-Wire, Fellowes FW5622401 Galaxy Wire, Fellowes FW5224101 Quasar Wire, Renz SRW 360, Renz SRW 360, Renz ERW, Renz DTP 340-HD

Binding Comb 18mm for 150 papers for Fellowes FW5627501 Star +150

Binding Wiring Comb 28mm 280pieces for Renz ECO S 360, Renz CEO E, Renz DTP 340-HD

Binding Wiring Comb 38mm 300pieces for Fellowes FW5627601 Pulsar +300

Binding Wiring Comb 51mm 500pieces for Fellowes FW5622101 Galaxy E500, Fellowes FW5620901 Quasar E500, Fellowes FW5642601 Orion 500, Fellowes FW5622001 Galaxy 500, Renz Combi S, Renz Combi Comfort, Renz Combi E HD

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